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List of the Top Tools that Every Blogger Should be Using

So you have opened up your blog and decided to start whether it’s your side hustle or your main income source. This is an exciting time to be sure, but do you have all the tools ready to be used at your disposal? We’ve rounded up a list of the top tools that every blogger should be using! These tools will help your productivity, your creativity, and your writing process.

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Top Tools for Bloggers:


Blank Screen Syndrome

So you are sitting at your computer, coffee at your side and staring at a blank word doc/google doc – what to write!? Well, there are amazing tools out there to help you in the brainstorming of the topics. Hubspot offers a portal for Blog Ideas. You can sit and enter a few terms, topics or areas that you want to expand on influence on and you will be given a hand in a direction.


Grammarly is the super tool for the grammatical and spelling trolls in all of us!

Whether you were an English major or not, Grammarly (like Grammar/Spell Check of old) can help you make sure your sentences make sense and are spelled correctly. That is just in the free version – you can also purchase the pro version, here you can go as far as helping regulate the type of audience you are trying to engage, hints on other options for the sentence and even copy-checking to make sure you don’t 100% plagiarize your subject. Yes, the basics can be the same, but this can help you prevent copying someone else exact ideas.


Clean crisp images, great looking stock photos all perfectly sized for your blog platform. This is just 1 part of what Canva can help you with. You can design everything from your color board (branding purposes) to sizing images to creating buzzworthy graphics to better draw traffic to your blog. You can also use it to add in custom graphics you too photos of yourself, with all the sparkle that a professional can bring to the table (keeping in mind, the professionals could bring more to the table than just sparkle, but for a beginner or one with limited budget, this tool is your best option!!)

Cross-promotion of your blog – not just hitting publish!

Using software like Buffer, Later and Hootsuite, you can then create some call to actions with those Canva images and snippets of your blog to draw a larger audience by utilizing your social media. This allows you to share important keynotes to bring your audience a little closer to you and your authority.

Toggl, Teamwork, Monday Project Mangement… a must-have

Whether you are a solo writer or hire on a team of ghostwriters, having great project management software/time management software is essential! Not only it allows you to stay on task (Toggle/Teamwork) with built-in timers to ensure you aren’t wasting time, but it also allows you to assign topics (or ask for input on topics) from your team to keep the flow of content moving forward and not behind.

These are just a few of the essential tools a Blogger might need, there are so many more to go into, but it all comes down to the type of Blog you are writing. There are keyword search programs, CRMS, Content Analyzers, and Headline programs to help you draw more content but that is such a bigger subject that is due to have its own post at a later time to show/compare your options available to you when growing your blog.

We are here to help, in content creation, call to actions and more!


Top Tools Every Blogger Should be Using


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