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How Writing a Blog with Your Personal Tone Creates More Dedicated Followers

Have you ever noticed that all the blogs that you read are written in a personal tone that draws you in? Bloggers are trying to get you on their side by being authentic, friendly, and by being themselves. Is that one of the main reasons why they have dedicated followers? It is most certainly one of the reasons! Readers like when they can connect with a blogger on a personal level, it’s more believable this way and they feel like they know you even though they have never actually got a chance to speak or meet you. 

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Have a think while reading your blog posts and determine whether they are written in your personal tone or if they are sounding more professional. Are you connecting with your audience? Does it sound like you? Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you’re writing your next blog post.

Are you using a professional tone?

Using the right tone of voice for your blog posts can really help to establish the right circle of followers and deliver the message effectively. There is no ‘right’ way to do it, but you should definitely adjust your tone to the audience you are targeting, so it fits your overall purpose of the blog. Using professional tone can be fine if you’re talking about some facts or important topics but you should also bring up your personality and your usual way of interpreting different things and situations, to mix it up. Readers love to read about personal stories that are connected with the topic you are writing about. It makes it more relatable, and it shows that you not only know about the topic but also have the experience with it.

How do you speak to people in your daily life?

Think of ways you speak to people in your day-to-day life; like your friends or social media if you use it for your personal branding. The way you talk to people is the most authentic one and after all, that’s why they keep coming back, keep on talking to you, or keep on following you. Don’t try to be someone you are not, be yourself, and bring the same tone and style into writing your posts. And even though not everyone might like your casual style, it’ll definitely increase the number of readers.

Start incorporating banter that you would use with the content you are presenting

Do you have any specific words you use all the time or do you love to make silly jokes on in real life? Use it for your blog, too! There are so many people out there who are brilliant in telling the stories in a fun and engaging way, however, they find it hard to put it into writing. Or maybe they just feel like it’s not what their readers want to read. I believe that incorporating a banter to make it more interesting and more fun can only benefit your blog. Just take social media. It’s all about storytelling these days and I’m sure there are so many other people who would love to hear your funny story! We always do silly things or silly things happen to us, so why not share it and incorporate it into your next blog post? People will relate and they will remember the smile they had while reading your blog.

Are you getting more readers?

Okay, so now it’s time to test and watch getting more interaction on your blog. Get clear on what writing style you’re using and keep it real! 

A conversational style and a friendly tone of voice can really help to create more dedicated followers and readers, so keep that in mind. Once you establish a loyal community of readers, it will be much easier to spread the word and boost your blog content! Just be yourself and share your personal experience in your own unique way because that’s what will separate your blog from all the others.

How Writing a Blog with Your Personal Tone Creates More Dedicated Followers


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