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The 27 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join

Whether you are blogging full time or as a side hustle, there are so many opportunities for networking, promotion, and advice within Facebook groups! It’s so nice to have a place with like-minded creative entrepreneurs for support. Unless you already have a huge audience for your blog, blogging can be lonely. It’s nice to have other people sharing the same experiences you are. There are so many groups available for bloggers to connect with others and learn, but I’ve listed the best 27 Facebook groups for bloggers to join here in this post!

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Starting and running a blog is hard work, and anyone that tells you otherwise is straight-up not being honest. Having groups to connect with others makes it just a little bit easier.

Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers

What are the benefits of joining Facebook groups?

  • Networking
  • Finding guest posting opportunities
  • Support and guidance
  • Promotion (if allowed in the group, most groups have a daily/weekly engagement post where you can share your latest blog post so be mindful of the group rules!)

List of the Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers:

1) The Blog Boss Tribe

2) Boss Girl Bloggers

3) #GirlBoss Club for Bloggers & Biz Babes

4) Blogging Newbs

5) Entrepreneur Hive with HerPaperRoute

6) Blogger & Biz Babes

7) Boost Your Blog 101

8) New Bloggers Support Group for Women

9) Blogging Boss Chicks

10) DNW – Making Money from Blogging

11) Create and Go Blogging Community

12) Help a Blogger Out

13) Blog Boss Babes

14) Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

15) I’m So Blogging This!

16) Blog Beautiful

17) Blogging for New Bloggers

18) Becoming a Blogger

19) Blogging Like We Mean It

20) Blogging with Purpose

21) Blogger Education Network

22) Boost Your Blog

23) Blog Passion Project

24) Blogging With Purpose

25) Blogging Babes Collective

26) Grow Your Blog

27) Blogging That Works

There are so many different blogging Facebook groups out there that it can be overwhelming. All of these ones listed, at the time of posting, are currently active and have lots of engagement. My best advice would be to pick 5 that you use on a regular basis to grow and network with other bloggers. Otherwise, you’ll just be spreading yourself too thin and not make any genuine connections, which is what Facebook groups are all about!

Do you have any other Facebook group recommendations? Add them to the comments!


The Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers



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