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The Best Amazon Products for Your Home Office

When you work from home, having an inspiring and motivational work space is essential. I love having beautiful and functioning decor on my desk, it somehow seems to make me even more productive. I’ve rounded up the best Amazon products for your home office that you will love. Whether you work from home as a freelancer, virtual assistant or coach, these items are perfect additions to your office decor!

The Best Amazon Products for Your Home Office

1) Motivational Folders

I’m all about motivational and inspirational home office decor. Working from home can be lonely, and entrepreneur burnout is real. Surrounding yourself with items like this set of 3 motivational gold foil folders seems to help! Plus, they are functional and help you keep important paperwork or project papers organized.

2) Lumbar Support for Your Office Chair

My husband bought me a lumbar support for my office chair a couple years ago and I don’t know how I was able to function without. We spend so many hours in front of our computers that bad posture and staying in the same position for a long time can be awful on us physically. These absolutely help, and easily slide over your office chair to use.

3) Kate Spade Notebook

I’m a little bit obsessed when it comes to a good notebook, and I have a huge collection of them that each have a different purpose. Kate Spade’s collection of notebooks are beautiful and functional.

4) Rose Gold Pen and Pencil Holder

Rose gold is still in and on trend, even when it comes your home office decor. This pen and pencil holder will dress up your desk, plus it’s functional. You need somewhere to put all those beautiful pens and pencils you have rolling around on your desk, right?

5) Rose Gold Tape Dispenser

Another awesome rose gold desk accessory is this rose gold tape dispenser! Elegance meets function.

6) Stay Humble Hustle Hard Wall Art Sign

When you look around your office, you should feel inspired. You should remember why you are working as hard as you, and what your long term goals are. Beautiful motivational wall art like this Stay Humble Hustle Hard sign are perfect office decor!

7) Rose Gold Desk Calendar

I’m not sure about everyone else, but working from home, some days I can’t even remember what day of the week it is. This beautiful calendar is a perfect desk accessory to keep you on track with work and timelines, and be more productive.

8) Pop Up Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are gold when you work from home! I have them everywhere and they can be so useful for little notes or reminders to yourself. These pink pop up sticky notes will dress up your reminders.

9) Rose Gold Paper Clip Holder

Rose gold for the win! Who else has a desk drawer full of paper clips? This functional rose gold paper clip holder will keep them all organized, in one place, plus it’s a pretty addition for your desk decorations.

10) Pink Computer Desk Pad

This desk pad or mat not only adds some color to an otherwise boring desk top, but it’s waterproof, and multi-functional!

11) Rose Gold Office Desk Organization Set

Get your desk more organized with this 5 piece desk accessory set, that includes a pencil cup holder, a letter sorter, a letter tray, a hanging file organizer and a sticky note holder.

12) Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle Sign

Another motivational or inspiration home office decor piece that is sure to inspire your creativity!

13) Owl Succulent Planter Stand

Adding a touch of nature to your home office and desk decor is always a good idea. This owl succulent planter stand is not only cute but small enough to add to any desk.

14) Handmade Marble iPhone Stand

Sometimes when I’m working or multi-tasking, I have my phone running Netflix, just for some additional background noise. Having your phone easily accessible on a gorgeous stand saves time, and it adds a touch of elegance to your home office. I’m loving this rose gold handmade marble iPhone stand.

15) Black and Gold Pineapple Lamp

How amazing is this lamp? I need this for my home office decor. I can see this lamp being especially loved during the cold winter months, it’s like a reminder of the nice summer weather.

16) Positive Thoughts Sign

Having a good morning makes all the difference in how you’re day is going to go, and this positive thoughts sign is sure to inspire you each morning as you set up for the day in your office.

17) Rose Gold Office Supplies Set

Add some rose gold paper clips and push pins to your new rose gold desk accessories!

18) Diamond Pen Set

These diamond pens are absolutely gorgeous and you will love writing with these beauties! I might be a notebook addict, but I’m also addicted to beautiful pens and other stationery.

19) Rose Gold Pen Set

You can never have enough pens! This rose gold pen set will match the rest of the rose gold desk decor perfectly.

20) Funny Entrepreneur Nutrition Facts Sign

I’m always up for adding a bit of humor to my office decor. Your office should make you feel not only creative and inspired, but feel joy. This funny entrepreneur nutrition facts sign will look great on your office wall.


Favorite Amazon Products for Your Home Office


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