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The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers

In today’s day and age, digital options are almost overwhelming. There are so many different types in every shape and size! How do you figure out what best to use as a Social Media Manager and which ones could be kept for a rainy day?

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Just like browsers, there are some that are better and some that are worse and some that are just different. Google Chrome has +60% of the market share for use, Safari being a close second with approx 25% and the others (Firefox, Edge, etc) sitting in the balance of 15% of the user’s choice.

The function of Chrome (with its open-source software Chromium) has proven itself as different developer’s help to make it what it is today! So much so, I was just reading that Microsoft has decided to get into the market place with their new Edge browser – with it now using Chromium software as well!

Let’s start this list of 5 Extensions you NEED to have on your Chrome Browser:

#1: LastPass – the Vault you never knew you needed!

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have LastPass

Between addresses, passwords – I would never be able to keep up without it. I only have to remember 1 Master Password, as well, when you onboard all your clients (and all their passwords), this is a secure way to preserve them without risk. With the search feature, these passwords are just a few keystrokes away.

Also, if you find that you have subcontractors working with you on a client task, you can share their password without actually giving it out! Once that person is done with the project, you can revoke their access. Plus, with every website needing a stronger password, the generate password tool is the best thing since sliced bread! 

I can sleep much better knowing that I have this secure extension in my arsenal of tools so I can best do my job.

#2: Grammarly – when spell check isn’t right in front of you!

Just like with any writing tasks, this tool (extension) helps you monitor your typing as you are moving from software to software. Whether you are just creating the next best Insta Post or typing out a proposal or replying to a customer … that little green circle in the bottom corner helps you maintain your voice type (professional, educational, friendly and more!) throughout each type of communication – corrects spelling, grammar and ensures that you are putting your best foot forward at all times.

Google Chrome browser extensions for social media managers

#3: Session Buddy – to track where you left off anytime!

Now, until I was researching for the trends on this very subject, I was not aware of this little tool and now, after using it – I would never go back! 

If you are anything like me – where you have no less than 6 tabs open at a time, toggling around depending on what task you are working on when a call comes in, the kids ask for a snack or you have to step away for a while for a client meeting but don’t want to accidentally close and lose all your history. This little tool saves you, every time. 

You click on the Session buddy Extension icon up in the corner, it opens up a window that shows all the sessions you have open. Then, take the sections of tabs that are similar and pull them out from each other (organizing as you go) and you go back to the Session buddy tab and right-click to Save each batch. Once you have done that, you can close those windows and move on to what is needing your attention. 

Later, when you are back at your desk or back to the task needing completion, you can go into session buddy and click open – VOILA! Your tabs are back up and open just as you left them! It was like you never left the task! Game Changer – especially as you are toggling between content creation, research, client feedback, engagement and more!

#4: Instagram for Desktop – almost as good as using your phone!

IG is a great app, but sometimes – you just need to use your computer. Whether it is for the ability to not be all thumbs and use a keyboard or just so you can better look at all of the amazing graphics being shared by those you follow so you can appreciate them. This tool is great.

You can add pictures to your story, you can view other stories, you can post, direct message – almost anything the app can do! It isn’t perfect, but when you are trying to engage with new followers, etc, it is something that gives you some peace of mind!

#5: Rite Tag – to know what Hashtag makes the most sense!

Sometimes, when you are working on content – with how fast hashtags trend – it can be hard to ensure you are grabbing the right ones – there are a multitude of options out there, however, this one runs in the background – as you load a picture you can right-click on the image, see a list of suggested hashtags, click and pick the one you love and off you go. Same with text! 

This helps when those last-minute trending ideas cross your mind for you and your clients!

Now, is this an exhaustive list? No! There are so many others to choose from but a simple google search will bring these few near the top of the list almost every time!

Can’t wait to see where extensions take us next in our business – its the one thing that keeps us productive by not slowing down our computers with unnecessary software!

The Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Managers


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