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Top 5 Tips for Growing Your Organic Engagement on Instagram

Organic engagement on Instagram is a complicated area for most small businesses and entrepreneurs. Instagram has this tricky little thing called an algorithm that may be preventing your posts from being seen on the platform.

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You don’t have to run Instagram advertisements or invest any money into the platform to grow your following.

Organic engagement on Instagram consists of good hashtag research, amazing photos/graphics and an award-winning caption with a call to action.

This post is going to teach you exactly how to increase your organic engagement on Instagram.

Grow Your Organic Engagement on Instagram

Optimize your Instagram profile

Now I would say that this is the most important aspect of growing your Instagram account organically. Using the right keywords in your bio allows your profile to be seen by your ideal customers or clients.

Using hashtags in your bio is a great way to get your content seen. Here’s an example: if you’re a virtual assistant you can use the tag #VirtualAssistants in your Instagram bio to reach more people.

Another part of optimizing your profile is making sure your user name and messaging are clear for your bio description.

Your location matters

Location tagging on Instagram is simple. There’s an icon on Instagram when you create a post that says “location.”

Just tap that on your screen right by your profile picture to add your location. You can add a city, restaurant, park or any other interesting area nearby.

When locals look on Instagram and use that location tag they’ll be able to see your profile which of course gives you more followers and profile visits.

Graphics and content creation are key

Having high-quality graphics is super important for growing your organic engagement on Instagram. Blurry, irrelevant photos do more harm than good. Your photos should be clear, bright and appealing.

Selfies always work well on Instagram, but you can also try these types of posts too:

  • Food posts

  • Motivational quotes

  • Advice related to your business or brand

  • Polls and questions

  • A day in the life

Hashtag research for new accounts

This is the ultimate key for finding new accounts on Instagram. The first tip you need to know is to use all thirty hashtags.

Think of hashtags like this: each hashtag you use has thousands of hits. For every hashtag you use your content is seen by the people using that specific hashtag.

You should also know that using hashtags with millions of hits isn’t a good idea. It may seem like you’ll get thousands of followers if use superpopulated hashtags but that’s not the case.

Instead, your post will be drowned out by all those accounts and no one will ever see your content.

You can search for new hashtags on Google related to your industry or you can use the search bar on Instagram for related hashtags.

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Do you know how to write interesting captions?

Copywriting your captions correctly is the life of your post. Be sure to add a few emojis to boost your engagement rates too.

Writing your captions for mobile use is important. Short paragraphs with broken up text are easy to read and ensure your new followers aren’t skipping through your posts.

You know how annoying it is to read large blocks of texts on your smartphone right? Keep your audience happy and indent your sentences and short paragraphs.

The key to writing an interesting caption is the first sentence or hook. “Hook” your reader in by using words like discover, learn, or how to. Adding an emoji as the first character in your caption helps as well.

Next, you’ll need to keep your target audience in mind. Speak directly to them with your words and watch your comments explode.

Finally, a good call to action is clear, concise and straight to the point. Use something along these lines, “click the link in our bio for our latest blog!”


Organic Engagement on Instagram

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