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Top Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting

Let’s chat about the top reasons why your sales funnel may not be converting your subscribers into clients or customers. If you have a sales funnel created – way to go, it’s a huge accomplishment. Creating a sales funnel that works is not one size fits all, but there are some of the main and important factors that matter when it comes to creating a sales funnel that is actually successful. 


What is a Sales Funnel?

If you’re asking what is a sales funnel and you don’t currently have one set up, let’s dive into that first. A sales funnel is essentially a customer journey or the journey that you want your customer to go on. This journey happens from when they first discover you to the time that they become a client or a paying customer. 


Your Lead Magnet

Normally your sales funnel is going to start at the very top of the funnel with a lead magnet or a free offer to get them into your email list. This allows them to start to get familiar with you and your brand. 

The middle parts of the sales funnel are when you’re going to nurture and engage with those people that have opted into your free offer or lead magnet. This is where we want the people who’ve opted in to get to know us, get familiar with us and understand the different skills that we have and what we offer. 



Nurture Your Email List

There is a saying that in the online space, somebody needs to see something seven times before they are comfortable enough to make a purchase. 

This is especially true if the bottom of your sales funnel is for a high ticket offer. Generally, you are going to need to nurture those people, to get them familiar with you and trust that you can deliver on whatever your program or product promises.

Most times you are not going to get somebody to sign on and pay for a high ticket offer right off the bat. If they aren’t familiar with you at all, you need to engage with them and you need to let them get familiar with who you are as an entrepreneur, as a coach, whatever your title is. You need to get them familiar with you so they have the trust factor. 

Failure to nurture your audience is one of the main reasons why a sales funnel may not be successful. 


Your Lead Magnet Doesn’t Match Up With Your Audience’s Need

Your lead magnet needs to help a need or problem your target audience has. In order for it to convert and have people opt into it and provide their email address for it. It has to have value. 

Your target audience for your main products and programs should need what your lead magnet provides.

For example:

If I have a course on Pinterest for coaches, my lead magnet might be how to optimize your Pinterest account or a Pinterest SEO guide. That gives them a starting point. And then through my email sequences and my program, I give them more pieces of that puzzle. 


Lead Magnet = Value

Your lead magnet should definitely provide value and cover one area that they are currently struggling with. If they see the value that you are giving away for free in a lead magnet, no matter how you’re delivering it, whether it’s a PDF or a webinar or a free master class or a quiz or a checklist, whatever type of lead magnet you’re creating, it has to have value. And they have to look at it and say, wow, this value is incredible. And it’s free. Just imagine what this person’s program or course, or membership is going to have inside of it. 

If you aren’t getting people opting into your lead magnet, it’s important to take a look at the value, how it relates to the end product in the sales funnel. 

Why would somebody need this lead magnet? 

What is the enticing offer? 

What is the transformation that they’re going to get with the lead magnet? 

Those are the selling points that you need to make a priority on your opt-in page for the lead magnet. 


Tons of Opt-ins But No Sales?

However, if you are getting tons of people opting into your freebie or your lead magnet, but they aren’t converting to actual customers. That’s where you may need to look at your email nurture sequence and figure out how you can connect better with those people. 

How can you nurture them? 

Yes, there will always be freebie seekers as we call them who just opted for the free offer. But if your conversion rate is very low to actually turn them into a paying customer, then it’s something that you need to look at in terms of your email sequences.

How are you adding value after they’re opting into your email list and how are you nurturing them? Are you connecting with them and providing value on a continuous basis?


If you have any sales funnel questions, or would like to have a sales funnel review done, you can check out my services right here. I would love to hear from you about your different sales funnels!

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