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Why I Use Tailwind and Why You Should Too

If you haven’t heard about Tailwind by now you are seriously missing out. Tailwind is a social media analytics tool similar to Hootsuite and Buffer. Now, Tailwind has to be my favorite out of all social media analytics tools for a few key reasons.

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Staying consistent on social media is crucial for your business – there’s no question about that but how will you show up for your audience every day without becoming overwhelmed?

Another reason people use social media analytics tools is to see the cool features that can grow their accounts an connect them with people who need to see their social feeds the most.

Here’s why I use Tailwind and I honestly think that you should too.

It’s easy to use

Tailwind is pretty simple to use. A lot of business owners, virtual assistants and freelancers need an analytics app that is going to provide simple, straight forward information.

This is Tailwind in a nutshell. This tool started out catering to Pinterest mainly – which is another reason I enjoy using it.

If you’re on Pinterest, think back to the old days when you were trying to figure out how to navigate boards, pins, content creation and Pinterest analytics.

Tailwind does all of this for you. On the left side of the dashboard, you’ll be able to see all of your basic settings and options. Some people complain that tools like Buffer are too complex and don’t provide ease when in use.

To make things even easier you can download the Tailwind plugin in your browser on Google Chrome. This way you can pin images super quickly and efficiently.

Why I Use Tailwind as a Social Media Analytics Tool


Get Massive Web and Pinterest, and Instagram Traffic

Most people know Tailwind for its ability to create tons of Pinterest traffic for bloggers and small shop owners. Instagram scheduling and growth can be leveraged with this app too.

Tailwind has this thing called “Communities” that allows you to see profiles who have similar content as you. When you participate in these Communities your content will be seen by your peers’ audience and vice versa.

This is a great feature if you like to connect and collaborate with other people in your industry. Now you can get massive traffic from Tailwind to your website, Etsy shop, blog, etc.… by using each feature the right way.

For instance, Tailwind will let you know the best times to Pin and will do it for you. Pinterest is the type of social media site that requires lots of content.

Tailwind also has the same features for Instagram, so you’ll be able to see the best times to post on the gram.

To grow your Pinterest, you’ll need to post AT LEAST ten times per day if not more. Tailwind will do all of this for you once you create pins and save pins to schedule in the future.


Cool Features

Unlike other social media tools Tailwind allows you to see hashtags that will work on specific posts.

If you schedule a post, you’ll see an icon pop up that says suggested hashtags. Finding hashtags on Instagram is key for building an engaged following.

The fact that Tailwind allows both Pinterest and Instagram analytics and scheduling is a win-win situation. You’ll be able to repurpose or reuse some of the posts you used for Pinterest.

The recommended times to post on Instagram feature allows you to see which times your audience is most engaged with your content on a given day. Tailwind tailors this feature to each new day and gives you an estimate based on your followers, unlike other scheduling tools.

You can also integrate Google analytics for your Pinterest account. Some of you may like to use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and rankings.


Is it free?

The free version of Tailwind is packed with cool features but if you want to get the most out of the app try one of the subscription levels. If you’re still unsure go ahead and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.


Why I Use Tailwind for my Pinterest Marketing


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