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Why You Should Upgrade to Grammarly Premium as a Blogger

If you want to be a blogger, writing well is a must. There’s no question about that. While one alternative is to meticulously proofread and edit all your work, there’s a faster, more efficient and less I-feel-like-banging-my-head-on-a-wall way to improve your writing. It’s called Grammarly Premium. You might have heard of the free version, which is quite good in its own right, but the premium offering has more features and will certainly give you more value. Let’s look at it a bit more.

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Upgrade to Grammarly Premium as a Blogger


Grammarly Premium Features

In terms of layout, you won’t notice anything different between the premium and the free version. The features that help you to write better content are subtle but you’ll certainly notice them. You’ll get advanced grammar and spelling checks. These will be much more effective than the ones you get with the free version.

Perhaps one of the biggest innovations you get with Grammarly Premium is the genre-specific writing style checking. If you’re a travel blogger, for example, reading tons of travel blogs to pick up on the nuances will take you a lot of time and slow down your growth. Not to mention how boring it will be. With Grammarly Premium, you’ll get tips that help you to write better for that particular topic. It’s impossible to count the hours saved!

You’ll also get to set the audience of your blog so the algorithms can help you fine-tune your writing to them. You’ll be speaking their language and your reach will consequently increase.

Another important feature you’ll get is Microsoft Add-in. Microsoft Word is a blogger favorite. If you want to level up your writing, Grammarly Premium will help you do just that. It catches over ten times the grammar and spelling errors that Microsoft does, which is definitely a point in its favor.

As a blogger, you might have to write emails back and forth with businesses and people looking to work with you. A spelling mistake might make you look unprofessional, especially considering the nature of your profession. The premium version works in outlook, which will certainly help you to make your emails sound better, which can drive up business.

Now that you know about these amazing features and why this is certainly a good investment for your blogging career, the one question left on your mind is the price. We’ve got you covered.

Pricing Options

Grammarly premium has a fair cost for what you get, and that gets lower if you opt for the longer-term variants. A monthly subscription will cost you $29.95. You’ll save around $30 if you go for a quarterly subscription which will only cost you $59.95. The savings on the $139.95 are the highest, at over $220 compared to 12 monthly subscriptions. It’s a no-brainer which one will be easier on the pocket.

Is it worth it? Grammarly Premium certainly is. Make your content more engaging and watch your reach explode. For a blogger, there couldn’t be a better and more helpful writing companion.


Why You Should Upgrade to Grammarly Premium as a Blogger


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