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4 Ways to Show Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are a few of the most popular social media sites. Small and large businesses are utilizing these platforms to create killer customer service that attracts their customers and keeps them happy.

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With everyone using sites like Instagram and Twitter we see a rise in question directed towards brands. Take a look at your favorite companies social profiles. They’re hopefully answering every comment left by both happy and unhappy customers.

Now it is more important than ever to make sure your customer service skills are up to par so that your business isn’t the one getting complaints.

After all, social media is the new word of mouth and it carries plenty of power. By this end of this blog, you’re going to understand the importance of showing excellent customer service on social media.

Ways to Show Excellent Customer Service on Social Media

Etiquette and friendliness to all

Displaying proper etiquette and friendliness to all comments ensures your business is seen in the best light possible.

Part of showing excellent customer service on social media is thinking about and being careful not to offend anyone with your posts and comments.

Anyone can see your comments no matter what platform you’re on. Make sure you’re always showing your brand off in a way that attracts new customers instead of offending them and turning them off.

When someone compliments your post reply back and say thank you. Take the time to engage and interact with people who reply to your IG stories, comments on Facebook and Tweets.

Reply promptly

Depending on the size of your business, replying in a timely fashion might seem overwhelming. If you feel bombarded with comments on your latest post you should outsource this task to a virtual assistant or community manager.

The truth is that leaving those comments blank will only hurt your business in the long run. New customers want to interact with businesses that engage and build relationships with them. I mean that is what customer service is all about.

The online age and uprise of social media makes it easy for businesses to simply ignore or put off customer comments and reviews. This is especially important when someone gives your brand a review.

Like the testimonial and thank them for doing business with you. This customer took time out of their day to show your business some love. Interacting this way will lead to more sales [referrals] so the least you can do is appreciate them and thank them.

Everything is about the customer, really it is!

When someone disagrees with a post you made [it’s inevitable] resolve the situation calmly.

Tell the customer or lead that you hear them and understand what point of view they’re coming from. Avoid deleting the comment all together because your followers are watching even when it seems like they’re not.

Sometimes your audience simply does not understand what point of view you’re coming from as a business owner. Educate them instead of belittling and ignoring them.

As long as you keep this mindset and always put your customer first before hitting reply or resolving customer complaints, you will keep your brand identity in good standing. More importantly, your customers will remain happy while you show new leads how respectful your business is.

Consumers are using social media to contact businesses for customer service needs

Instead of picking up the phone to chat with their favorite brand, customers are going to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinions on their most recent shopping experience or to contact the brand in general.

This is why community management and customer service is so important. Creating a friendly, cohesive customer service strategy for your small business will lead to happy customers, new leads and a thriving business!


Ways to Show Excellent Customer Service on Social Media


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