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Why Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers Number is Just a Vanity Metric

As a business owner, you are using Pinterest, not just for fun, you are using Pinterest to market your business, your products or your services, right? So, knowing what is working and what isn’t, is where Analytics come into play. Pinterest is a platform with a lot of growth potential for businesses if they are utilizing a strategy that works for their audience and effective marketing. You can’t just pin things off and on and expect huge results. It’s important to know that Pinterest, as a platform, is a long game platform.

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When it comes to Instagram and Facebook, your posts have a lifespan of only a few hours. With Pinterest, your pin has a lifespan of approximately 6 months with it normally taking about 2-3 months for a pin to reach its peak level of impressions and growth.

If you don’t have the experience to understand Pinterest analytics and what to do with them, you might just be focusing on your average monthly viewers’ number that shows up on your profile. This number is just a vanity metric and I’ll explain why below.

This number shows the total amount of viewers your pins and account have averaged over the last month. This means how many people have been shown your pins, not necessarily how many have interacted with or engaged with your content. Obviously, you do want and need this number to grow, but it is a vanity metric and not something that you should focus on too much. The monthly viewers’ number includes ALL pins, so if you are pinning 40% other people’s content, it includes those impressions, too.

To get an accurate look at how your pins and products are doing it’s important to look into your Analytics and view only information on your claimed website and focus more on clicks. Which pins are getting engagement and encouraging viewers to click through to your website? That is what is important!

If you want to dive into it even further, you’ll want to monitor your website traffic results through Google Analytics.


1) Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or focus too much on your competitors.

2) If your pins are getting tons of impressions but no clicks or engagements, you might need to rework your pin design to entice people to click on them.

3) Don’t check your stats too often. When you are hoping for growth and seeing the fruits of your marketing labor, it’s hard not to check stats too much sometimes. However, stats on Pinterest only update every few days, and while you can check Google Analytics every day, I recommend checking once a week and keeping track of any trends you notice. Otherwise, you’ll be caught in a constant loop of refreshing and that’s no fun for a busy entrepreneur who has a million other things to do!

4) Be patient! Like I mentioned above, Pinterest is a long game. Those amazing pin designs you are creating and pinning now likely won’t hit their peak level of traffic for 2-3 months and can continue increasing for 6 months or longer, so don’t rush it!

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Why Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers Number is Just a Vanity Metric

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