I decided today to write a blog post reflecting back on my long journey into entrepreneurship. I’m going to share all of the good, bad, and the ugly. I wish more people were transparent about entrepreneurship and how things are not an overnight success (for the most part). It takes a lot of time, dedication, passion, and hard work.

My 17 Year Timeline as a Business Owner and Entrepreneur

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I’m really excited about the guest I have on the podcast today as she really is so clever with her words, offers and just business generally. I genuinely don’t have a training or product from her that I don’t think was worth the money. Joining me today is Laura Robinson, who is a marketing mentor […]

A Comfortable and Hands-Free Income Is Possible with Laura Robinson


We’ve all experienced a sales page that made us feel uncomfortable, or read some copy that explained to us why we’re failing as a business owner, in an attempt to make us feel bad enough to get us to purchase something! This is the exact reason that ethical marketing has developed – making your potential […]

Increase Your Conversions By Using Ethical Marketing with Melissa Esmeralda


Us introverts often struggle with feeling like we need to show up in certain ways to match extroverts’ energies – for example, through dancing on reels, creating long-form video content or going to in person networking events. These often make us feel uncomfortable and awkward, so we aren’t able to show up as our best […]

Showing Up and Standing Out Using Your Words with Sarah Wayte


If you’re a business owner who’s finding that you’re busy all day, every day, but don’t seem to be growing your income or getting the results you want, you might just want to take a look at what you’re actually doing day-to-day, and what the underlying thought pattern you have is. For today’s guest, it […]

Overcoming Fear of Success as an Entrepreneur with Giorgia G


Us service providers are really special people – we love to make our clients happy and feel that they got great value for their money – however, we often do that to our detriment, working way too many hours, at times we don’t want to, losing our weekends and the freedom that we so desperately […]

Service Providers: Stop Undercharging and Overdelivering with Shannon Mattern


One common complaint I hear from introverts when they are told to share more of themselves or their stories online is that they feel like their lives are too boring and no one will be interested in what they have to say. This couldn’t be further from the truth! In this episode, you’ll hear me […]

Use More Storytelling in Your Copy to Connect with Your Audience with Jennifer DeWitt


Keeping things simple in business is so important to me. Over the years, I’ve picked up lots of techniques I like to use to maintain that simplicity – from repeatable systems, to content repurposing, I’ve practically tried them all and implement lots of them daily! When it comes to marketing, we often find ourselves overcomplicating […]

Avoiding the Feast and Famine Marketing Cycle with Amanda Warfield


If you’ve been around here a while, you’ll know I left social media coming up on two years ago and made email my main method of marketing to my audience. It’s no surprise to hear, I absolutely love it – and I’ve been successful with it! I find it so much easier to build trust […]

Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing


Networking is something that can frighten a lot of introverts, as we picture a room full of extroverted people, all chatting away, and us on the fringes not having a clue how to get involved – or whether we even want to! However, as my guest and I talk about in today’s podcast episode, there […]

Intentional & Relational Networking That Works For You with Michelle Whyte


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I love helping service providers who want to start, grow, or scale their business in a more sustainable way. I am big on authentic marketing, stress-free personality-driven strategies, and focusing on what brings you joy.

I’m also the founder of The Introvertpreneur Club, a monthly membership for introverted entrepreneurs, and the business-focused podcast, Introvertpreneur.

entrepreneur since 2007. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, have built several successful businesses, and worn many different hats.

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