Do you feel like marketing yourself is one of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur? A common concern introverts have is that they feel they are too shy, quiet or reserved to make sales. However, there is an easy way to make sales feel easier and that’s by using a human-first approach. Putting it […]

Using a Human-First Marketing Approach with Katrina Aronson


As we enter 2023, I’m so excited to be bringing back the Introvertpreneur Podcast for season three! In this first solo episode of the year, we’ll be going behind the scenes and talking about what I’m planning for the next 12 months. At the end of last year, I was feeling a bit exhausted from […]

Season 3 of the Podcast and My 2023 Updates


As the end of the year nears, so does the end of Season 2 of The Introvertpreneur Podcast. Every December I take one day to review everything that happened during the year and to have a big planning and brainstorming session to lay out my goals and plans for the coming year. Even though it’s not December yet I already have a lot of data and things that I can share and talk about.

My Year of Realignment

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My Best Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

  In the business world, we’re constantly being bombarded by courses we should be taking, templates to help us figure out our productivity, different apps and tools that are “the best solution” for our business, and so much more great advice. But the truth is nobody knows what is best for your business. The only […]

Making Business Productivity Work For You with Jonathan Stewart

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  Operations, team management, funnels, systems. I know these words can feel extremely overwhelming, especially for introverts. But they’re also the things that will make a difference in your business – even more so if you are an introvert– because if you have systems in place, and you have a solid foundation, you’re going to […]

Improving the Health of Your Business and Increasing Profit with Danielle Levy

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  Were you at the Course Creator Conference back in September? I am excited today to reveal some details from the behind-scenes of this last virtual event and share what I’ve learned from the four big mistakes I made. We hosted the Course Creator Conference last September. I’ve just finished looking at the data and […]

4 Big Mistakes I Made With My Last Virtual Event

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Podcasts have been booming. And with that growth has come a wealth of new content. So if you’re wanting to give podcasting a try but aren’t quite sure where to start, check out this podcast launch checklist designed specifically for new podcasters!

Podcast Launch Checklist – Everything You Need to Know Before Launching Your Podcast

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Podcast Launch Checklist

If you’re like most introverted business owners, your workday probably feels like hell. You spend half of it just sitting at your desk, staring at the same walls and closing in on yourself until you can’t see anything outside of your own head anymore. The other half is spent talking to people who are just […]

7 Best Sources for Finding Clients as an Introverted Business Owner

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Finding Clients as an Introverted Business Owner

Our guest on the podcast today is Ashlee Sang. She consults conscious and caring business owners so they can grow their impact and their revenue. Through Ashlee Sang Consulting, she equips entrepreneurs to take confident, meaningful action in alignment with their values. She believes business can feel and do good when it’s rooted in values and propelled by purpose.

Creating Aligned Brand Messaging and Brand Values with Ashlee Sang

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Creating Aligned Brand Messaging and Brand Values

As a course creator, there are a lot of platforms out there. I’ve probably tried them all, but my favorite one is definitely ThriveCart Learn! I use ThriveCart as my checkout system, affiliate program, and hosting system for my courses, memberships, and digital products. Want to learn how to use ThriveCart Learn and Learn Plus? Here’s my ultimate guide and complete ThriveCart Learn review.

How to Use ThriveCart Learn and Learn Plus

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how to use ThriveCart Learn and Learn Plus

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