In today’s special episode, I’m chatting with Amy Traugh and we’re sharing this episode on BOTH of our podcasts! When you find a fellow business owner who shares opinions with you on so many different topics, it makes for a really special episode. We’re both introverts, and believe in the power of running your business […]

Running and Building a More Introvert-Friendly Business with Amy Traugh


Today’s episode is very real, raw and one that I know so many of you can relate to – particularly this year. 2023 has been so hard for so many businesses, entrepreneurs, and just people generally with the cost of living crisis, and my experience this year has been that the summer slump hit harder […]

Spilling the Tea: I Almost Quit My Business This Year


Productivity is one of my favorite topics and I love it when I find a guest who loves it just as much as me! There’s nothing better than finishing a workday and feeling like you really got the most out of it. For some of you though, I’m sure your business workday starts after your […]

Being More Productive in a Way That Works For YOU with Lindsay Dollinger


In a previous episode I did a round up of all my favorite tools in my business, and I got a lot of questions about my automation tool, Pabbly Connect – so I thought I’d explain a bit more about it! Pabbly Connect is a Zapier alternative and I use it for so many different […]

Pabbly Connect and The Best Workflow Automations I Use In My Business


As you might know already, I left Instagram a while ago and it was one of the best things I could have done for my business and mental health! I don’t feel like there are many of us around who have left social media and still felt like we were having success in our businesses, […]

If Letting Go Of Social Media Marketing Is Right For You with Robyn Graham


Black Friday is one of my favorite times of the year – I know some people hate it, but I just love seeing all the amazing deals that come out! I am, however, aiming to be more intentional where I’m spending my money so I will definitely need to have a budget this year. As […]

Planning a Successful Black Friday Sale or Promo


“What if I told you that 80 percent of your stress could be eliminated with a solid documentation structure?” is a quote from today’s guest, and is the basis of today’s podcast episode about being able to leave hustle culture and run your business with ease. If you’ve ever tried to hire a team member […]

SOPs and Business Operations the Lazy Way with Adriana Richardson


Every time I have to make a decision in my business, social anxiety rears its head. It can be so difficult as an entrepreneur with social anxiety to manage how I show up for my business and put energy into tasks when they have a social aspect to them. I’ve shared before that I don’t […]

How My Social Anxiety Changes How I Show Up as an Entrepreneur


We all know that as service providers, we can really easily get bogged down in the day-to-day running of our businesses – usually that’s getting stuck into client work and never managing to spend time on our own business or the “big picture work”. The way to solve this issue is easy on paper – […]

CEO Days as a Powerful Growth Method with Ashley Kang


For the eagle eyed among you, you might have spotted we haven’t released an episode in September! The reason being: two episodes a week is a LOT of extra content – depending on the month, that’s between eight and ten episodes! In this short “welcome back” episode, I’m explaining why I felt the need to […]

Why I Took a Podcast Break to Recharge


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