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How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

If you’re reading this post, you either love Pinterest and want an awesome way to create a career working from home as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Or, you are already a virtual assistant and want to transition to Pinterest management services for your clients. I was a Pinterest Manager for 6 years and have worked with over 100 clients on their Pinterest marketing and presence. It’s an incredible service field for service providers who love to dive into strategy! 

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Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

You’ve likely heard the terms Pinterest Manager and Pinterest Virtual Assistant interchangeably, but really, what’s the difference? Is there actually a difference?

Technically, no. It’s really just a matter of what you want to call yourself. The term Pinterest Manager usually means you are more into the strategy side of things, and not just checking things off a standard checklist when it comes to managing your client’s accounts.

There is also a common conception that a Pinterest Manager has more experience, as they’ve further developed their skills through their experience, expanding their skill set and seeing improved results.

But again, it’s completely up to you and how you want to represent yourself and your skills.


Pinterest Management Services To Offer

The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that there are a number of different services or service packages you can offer your clients. Or not offer them – if it’s not something you enjoy. Some Pinterest virtual assistants will eventually outsource some of the management tasks to a subcontractor that they don’t enjoy doing.

Pinterest Account Setup

The perfect starting point for clients who are coming to you without any Pinterest presence or optimized account. Most times, these clients will start with a setup package and then move into monthly management services with you after their account is setup and optimized.

Tailwind Account Setup

Most Pinterest managers and virtual assistants use Tailwind as a requirement for monthly management services. This is because Tailwind saves so much time when it comes to pinning, scheduling and strategy. If your client doesn’t already have a Tailwind account setup, this can be offered as a starting service, too.

Pinterest Monthly Management

The most common and recurring monthly service for Pinterest services is monthly management. With this package, you’ll want to have a set list of deliverables every month, which is why most service providers offer 2-3 different package options for monthly management.

  • How many pins are going to be scheduled daily/monthly?
  • How many pins are you going to design for the client’s content?
  • How many pin descriptions will you need to write each month? And how much time will you spend on keyword research for writing optimized pin descriptions?
  • Are you going to be applying to group boards?
  • How many submissions are you going to add to Tailwind Communities each month for your client?
  • Will you be creating new boards monthly?

Those are all questions to ask yourself and outline in your monthly management packages for Pinterest.

Promoted Pin Paid Advertising Management

A more advanced service for Pinterest Managers is offering promoted pin advertising campaign management. Similar to Facebook Ad Managers, promoted pins should be a premium service for your clients as it takes a higher level of expertise to run successful campaigns.

Once targeting and campaigns are set up and created for the client’s promoted pins, you will still need to do weekly audits and update the campaigns as needed, according to the results.

Pin Design Packages

If you really love the design part of Pinterest, you can also offer separate pin design packages for clients who only want to outsource this part of the Pinterest process. Pin design packages are also a great option for an add-on to your monthly management packages for clients who have tons of content every month.


How to Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant


How to Create Your Service Packages as a Pinterest VA

Packages are the way to go with Pinterest services. Don’t underprice yourself and charge hourly. It’s a good idea to know how long certain things take so you don’t underprice your packages, so timing yourself is a good idea to start.

Take a look at what other Pinterest virtual assistants and managers are including in their packages and use that to craft your own that will work for you.



Where to Find Pinterest VA Jobs and Clients

There are so many ways to find clients, and I’ve talked about many methods on the blog before, but let’s touch on a few ways to specifically find Pinterest VA jobs and clients.

Facebook Groups

Here are a few Pinterest-specific Facebook Groups that are great for connecting with other Pinterest virtual assistants. These groups are also a great place to find clients who are looking to outsource their Pinterest services, however, you will have high competition for any opportunity posted in these groups so make sure to make your email or interaction stand out.

Other Facebook Groups you can join are ones where your ideal audience hangs out. Want to work with photographers? Find a few Facebook Groups specific to them that will allow you to join and interact with them. Make posts sharing your knowledge, not just offering your services, to build connections and open up the conversation.

Join the Become a Pinterest VA Today Community

The course that I always recommend to anyone wanting to become a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Virtual Assistant is Become a Pinterest VA Today. Beyond the course itself is the community, and what’s an awesome bonus of the community? Great client leads every month! I found my very first Pinterest client through this community and the leads + support make this an incredible investment for any aspiring Pinterest virtual assistant.


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