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How to do Hashtag Research Like a BOSS

Instagram and Twitter are the top two platforms for using hashtags. Before we get into how to do in-depth hashtag research you need to know that using hashtags on Facebook is counter-productive.

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Using hashtags for Instagram is different than using hashtags for Twitter. These two platforms work in different ways and which is why what works for one won’t work for the other.

This post is going to tell you exactly how to use hashtags in your social media marketing strategy.

Part of learning how to do hashtag research is finding the right tools to help you. So, let’s dive on in.

What are hashtags anyway?

You should think of hashtags as a way to grow your brand and connect with people who need what you sell.

Each hashtag should be carefully chosen to give you the best results. So, using hashtags like #like4like and #instagood is a waste of time and counter-productive.

Bots are more likely to use spammy hashtags like these so avoid them at all costs. Hashtags are your way of getting more views on your profile whether you’re on Instagram or Twitter.

The reason people use hashtags is to get more followers and get more eyes on their brand. Without hashtags, new people won’t be likely to see your account.

Twitter and hashtag research

The key to using hashtags on Twitter is to only use 2 or 3. These hashtags should be relevant to what you’re tweeting and shouldn’t be too spammy.

Here’s a quick example. As a Virtual Assistant, I would use the hashtag #smallbusinessowner or #virtualassistant to find those who need my services and my peers.

The cool thing about Twitter is that when you type a hashtag in it will show you how many people have tweeted using this hashtag in the past hour.

You’ll be able to tell if it’s over or underpopulated and decide if you want to use the hashtag from there.

Instagram and hashtag research

Instagram is the social media site where you want to use all thirty hashtags they give you. Every single hashtag can potentially grow your following and boost your business.

You can find hashtags on Instagram by simply using the search icon to search for industry hashtags. Sometimes adding an emoji or peeking at the accounts of successful people in your industry will give you insight into what hashtags you should be using.

You should also use hashtags in your Instagram stories to find new accounts. (TIP! You can add up to 10 hashtags to your Instagram stories and you can easily hide the hashtags behind your story image just by clicking it to be in front of your hashtag text!)

It’s time-consuming but that’s ok

Now I have to be honest with you. Hashtag research is time-consuming when you do it the right way.

It’s completely worth the time or money to outsource the task because your ideal client or customer is waiting for you to put your business in front of their eyes.

To make this simple I’ll break down exactly how you should do hashtag research on Instagram:

  • Find hashtags your competitors use

  • Think of your ideal customer when finding hashtags

  • Use a tool/app like Tag O’ Matic for new hashtags

  • Avoid using hashtags with millions of hits

  • Avoid using hashtags with only a few hundred or a thousand hits

Take the time to write out an actual list of hashtags you can use daily. Now the trick is that you don’t want to use the same thirty hashtags every time.

Mix it up based on the type of content you’re posting. This goes for Twitter too. Using relevant hashtags pays off and doesn’t make you look spammy or strange.

When all else fails do a Google search for niche related hashtags. Remember to switch the words around and add emojis to find new hashtags that will work for your brand.

If you don’t want to waste time doing hashtag research, I do offer this as a social media service. I will review your account and your target market, and do the research needed to come up with a list of niche hashtags to use that will get your posts in front of your target audience! Check out my hashtag research packages and reach out if you have any questions.


How to do hashtag research for social media

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