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Why Social Media Content and Knowing Your Target Market Go Hand in Hand

Have you been growing your brand? Your knowledge? That is very important when it comes to expanding your reach. But have you stopped and considered the target market you want to reach?

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If you haven’t, then today is your day to start.

Just like when you started your business, you need to begin niching out your social media audience. Who do you want to present to? How do you want to draw their attention? You want to grow but not lose your vision. That is the essential part of this process.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Utilizing Industry Leaders you follow.

So, sitting down and thinking about this process, it all starts with knowing your market like the back of your hand. First things first, go and have a look at other leaders in your industry. How do they present their content? What are the “likes” that you see? Do you see a pattern on their types of posts?

Another benefit to looking to industry partners and leaders is to grow more interest and to follow organically. By liking or engaging with their content, you will expand your reach with followers and possibly, if lucky, make more connections to grow within.

So you have found some industry partners and learned a bit more about their messaging… now what?

Once you have narrowed down the types of messaging getting “likes” or engagements, then you need to look at, would it make sense to share some of these messages to enforce your own branding/messaging further. Just by sharing other industry leaders, it helps to grow your authority on the subject of which you based your business on.

Also, there may be some new insight that your followers never considered, therefore, reinforcing why they need to be working with you.

By extension, by partnering up with others in your industry, you are growing more than your own business. You are expanding your industry. There could be some newer voices who need your input as they grow, therefore creating a community.

Social Media Planning … a must if you want to continue to grow your message

The next phase is to take some of this content and plan out your posts. By utilizing software like Hootsuite or MeetEdgar, you can then schedule out theme days/weeks to better build out more information about your business. This also can coordinate with any promotion building, course load or new product launch. To further build your authority on your brand but with fantastic support.

For example, if there is an exciting new supplier or industry tool, by promoting it and showing how you utilize it in your own business, this opens the door for you to possibly create a course to further teach new-entrepreneurs about the benefits.

A full circle opportunity.

Now your next steps….

We could continue to expand this topic further and further – but I think it is time to start taking these first steps to develop and implement your social media voice. If you find it daunting, don’t forget there are those out there – like me! – here to help you develop this platform and help you grow!


Why Social Media Content and Knowing Your Target Market Go Hand in Hand

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