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Stock Photography Subscription Services for Creative Entrepreneurs

Want to have more unique images to use on your blog, social media or marketing efforts? I’ve prepared a full list of stock photography subscription services that are perfect for creative entrepreneurs. I personally use quite a few of these services!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links on my website are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

You’ll want to check out any free images they offer or previews of their collections to see which one (or 2 or 3!) subscription services would work best with your branding and aesthetic.

Make Your Website, Blog or Social Media More Beautiful!

1) Haute Stock – One of the most popular options for feminine and unique photos! I’ve been a Haute Stock member for years and the photos are outstanding. They currently have nearly 4,000 stock images in their library.

Price: $99/3 months or $299/yearly

2) Ivory Mix – Another service that I’ve been a member of for a while is Ivory Mix. The Facebook group included is awesome, and the owner is really active in providing requests from members that have popped up in the group. They also have an option for free access to a 550+ photo library! The paid options have access to a gallery of 3,500+ photos and graphics, with 100 new ones added each month. Another bonus? You can use these photos in client projects, too!

Price: $47/3 months or $137/yearly

3) She Bold Stock – Another fabulous option for feminine stock photography is She Bold Stock by Jasmine Hunt. This subscription service also focuses on providing more images that include women of color, which is what is sometimes lacking in other memberships! The library currently has over 3,000 images and 75 new images are added each month.

Price: $25/month (Blogger Plan – access to photos but not templates or brand resources), $29/month (which includes templates and brand resources) or $250/3 months if you want it all AND want an extended license so you can use all the photos for client projects, too!

4) Pink Pom Pom Social – This one is a fun option for creatives and handmade business owners! Being run by both a graphic designer and a photographer, you are sure to find some amazing social media and photos to use. They have a private Facebook group where they take member suggestions for future images, too.

Price: $19.95/month

5) Pixi Stock – Another one of my favorites! Pixi Stock has a library collection of over 3,000 photos and if you are an annual or quarterly member you get access to some nice extras like Instagram ready graphics, templates, course slide templates, and more. You are also allowed to use the photos in client work, which is a nice bonus!

Price: $39/month, $69/3 months, $199/yearly

 Photo from Pixi Stock subscription service library. Photo from Pixi Stock subscription service library.

6) The Stock Collective – Yet another one I am a member of (you could say I’m obsessed with beautiful images!) and the collections are absolutely stunning! Their focus is on female entrepreneurs so they are perfect for content creators, virtual assistants, service providers, coaches, etc.

Price: $22/CAD per month

7) Lollipop Creative Stock – This one is an option I recently discovered, and if you love bright and bold colors, it’s probably the one for you! They currently have over 1,000 images in their library and are adding 100 images per month.

Price: $69/3 months, $219/yearly

8) Styled Stock – Not exactly a stock photo subscription service, but this site has beautiful collections of photos that you can purchase and they aren’t too expensive!

Price: $15 per product photo collection bundle

9) Styled Stock Society – Another amazing option is Styled Stock Society. They currently have over 2,500 images in their library and are adding new images each week for members. They also offer a couple different payment options.

Price: $75/3 months, $250/yearly, or $495/lifetime access

10) Deposit Photos – One of the originals and fullest libraries for stock photos. If you need more niche photos or photos for a lot of client work projects, this might be an option for you! They have many subscriptions, monthly or on demand plans available, and you might be able to catch their image packs available on a deal at AppSumo if you’re lucky!

Price: Varies a lot

11) Shutterstock – Another bigger subscription service is Shutterstock. I’m currently on the 10 downloads per month plan and love their selection of photos available! It can be pricey but they do have a lot of annual or image pack subscription options available depending on your needs.

Price: Varies a lot

 Do you have any other stock photography subscription services that you love? Share a link in the comments and I’ll consider adding it to my list.


Stock Photography Subscription Sites for Entrepreneurs

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