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Why Do You Keep Losing Instagram Followers?

Everyone wants Instagram followers right? Let’s face it, Instagram is a great way to find new leads and potential customers for your small business. You created an Instagram business account in hopes of showing how awesome your business is while finding people who love your brand almost as much as you do.

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You’ve tried posting consistently, being creative with your posts and you even threw in a few hashtags. For some reason your Instagram business profile is stagnant and it seems like you’re losing followers instead of gaining them…

One thing you should be aware of is the people who follow you just to unfollow you. This is called the ‘follow/unfollow method’ and unfortunately people actually use this (unsuccessfully of course)  to boost their follower count.

Now, the other followers you have who seemed interested in your business then decided to tap that ‘unfollow’ button later on down the line probably did so for one of the 3 reasons listed in this blog.


Why Do I Keep Losing Instagram Followers?

Your Bio is NOT Optimized

Instagram gives you the chance to tell the world about what you have to offer. Creating an optimized Instagram bio includes telling your audience what you do and who you serve in an alluring way.

Adding a few emojis in your bio will make your profile stand out and attract new followers to your page. Include keywords about who you are and what you do too.

For instance, if you own a skincare company you can list your business under cosmetics.

Think about someone who is deciding whether or not to unfollow you — is your bio telling them how you can help them or are you making it all about you?

Remember to add your location and make your bio as complete as possible so your audience isn’t confused about why they started following you in the first place.

Your Profile is Confusing

One day you’re posting family pictures and the next you’re posting about politics. Keeping your business page consistent with business-related content is important.

When your audience feels like they don’t know what you’re posting and why they’ll begin to hit the unfollow button. Keep your Instagram business profile interesting and on-topic. It’s okay to post entertaining posts and quotes but you need to align each post back to a specific business goal.

You’re Connecting with The Wrong People

Maybe you post high-quality pictures, stay consistent with your branding and have an optimized Instagram bio.

The one thing left for you to consider is the people who are following you. Are these followers your ideal customers? Go to your Instagram followers right now and scroll through to see who is actually following you.

When you consistently lose followers it could be due to the fact that you’re using the wrong hashtags and end up finding followers who aren’t interested in you for the long haul.

If you’ve bought followers in the past that can be another reason why you aren’t sustaining your following. It’s always best to go the organic route and build an engaged community from the ground up.

When you keep your audience and potential customers first, then you set your business up for success on and off social media. Follow and engage with quality profiles (potential customers, industry leaders) and these same people will stay consistent with your brand.


Reasons Why You Keep Losing Instagram Followers


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