Our guest on the podcast today is Ash Burnside. She is a burnout coach for overworking online entrepreneurs, helping them to find space for themselves between the demands of business and real life. After marketing for prominent online personalities and coaching colleagues along the way, she’s developed a process for helping digital business owners navigate a new path forward by showing them how to nurture self-trust and practice holistic wellness to heal from the hustle for good.

Dealing With & Avoiding Burnout as an Online Entrepreneur with Ash Burnside

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Avoiding Burnout as an Online Entrepreneur

Want to know some of my best productivity tips? I have been an entrepreneur for over 16 years now. That means I have many tips and tricks for being more productive. There have been many times I have been called a content creation machine. I love creating, and with the length of time I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey, I have gotten pretty quick at many things. That’s not to say that being fast is the only benefit of being more productive, but many other things can help you become more productive. It’s all about where you spend your time and energy.

My Best Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

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My Best Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

In today’s economy, you want to be mindful of the revenue coming into your business, especially if you are struggling as an introverted entrepreneur. By creating new offers like digital products for your business, you will be more confident in times when things begin to slow down in the world. So having those multiple income streams is key to your business’s overall sustainability. Let’s explore value ladders and how creating a product suite will boost your client experience and your business’s sustainability.

How a Value Ladder of Offers Equals Business Sustainability

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How a Value Ladder of Offers Equals Business Sustainability

Digital products or offers can be such a beneficial resource for your business and your audience. In the online space, there is so much noise and information about launching and creating digital offers for your business. Still, I want to share my knowledge with you as someone with 46 digital offers available for their business. If it’s not obvious, I love creating offers and content, so today, I want to look at digital products as a whole, brainstorm your offers, and ask questions to begin asking yourself as you create digital products for your business.

Brainstorming and Creating New Digital Products and Offers

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Brainstorming and Creating New Digital Products and Offers

  Are you constantly struggling as an introvert to bring clients to your business? You are showing up online and hustling just to get that next client, but it leaves you feeling overwhelmed. If that’s how you feel, then a great strategy to incorporate is organic marketing. This allows you to bring traffic directly to […]

Organic Marketing Strategies with Abbey & Courtney from Duo Collective

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Launching a digital product or program requires you to expel a lot of energy, especially as an introvert. You want to choose a launch strategy that allows you to have better energy management during a launch for more sustainable business growth. Let’s explore some launching tips for introverts.

Managing Your Energy as an Introvert During a Launch with Carrie Flynn

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Managing Your Energy as an Introvert During a Launch with Carrie Flynn

Our guest on the podcast today is Natalie Koussa. She is a podcast guesting strategist and visibility coach who passes the mic to visionary entrepreneurs who are shaking up the status quo. She’ll help you spin your messy ideas into your unique point of view – so you can call in your best-fit clients and do the meaningful work you’re here for.

How to Get Started With Podcast Guesting as an Introvert with Natalie Koussa

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How to Get Started With Podcast Guesting as an Introvert

Entrepreneurship is one huge personal growth journey. It’s a given that you will face mindset obstacles along the way, and it is up to you to deal with them. For example, I have dealt with imposter syndrome in the past, but it has reared its ugly head again. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize it at first, and I kept giving excuses for the real reason behind it until now. That being said, I have a hard time sharing about my life, especially as an introvert, but I think it is time to share more authentic and genuine experiences as an entrepreneur instead of just the highlight reels.

Imposter Syndrome and Getting More Vulnerable as an Entrepreneur

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Dealing with imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur

  When it comes to any form of copy you put out online, you want it to sound like things you would typically say. When you think of personality-packed copy as an introvert, it tends to lean more towards how an extrovert would speak. Suppose you know that you don’t sound this way in person. […]

How to Show Personality in Your Website Copy as an Introvert with Krista Walsh

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Website Copywriter Krista Walsh

With the height of the digital age, there is so much information at our fingertips. For entrepreneurs, it is so easy to get businesses started online, but that can also create this urgency always to be plugged in online, answer emails, show up on social media, create digital products, etc.; it can cause digital overload and overuse.

Making Space in the Digital Age with Daniel Sih

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Making Space in the Digital Age with Daniel Sih

I’m a content creator, graphic designer, marketing strategist, SEO specialist, website designer, sales funnel strategist, Pinterest manager, and business coach all rolled into one.

Told you it was a lot of titles!

I love helping service providers who want to start, grow, or scale their business in a more sustainable way. I am big on authentic marketing, stress-free personality-driven strategies, and focusing on what brings you joy.

I’m also the founder of The Introvertpreneur Club, a monthly membership for introverted entrepreneurs, and the business-focused podcast, Introvertpreneur.

entrepreneur since 2007. I’ve worked with a wide variety of clients, have built several successful businesses, and worn many different hats.

I'm Tara! Multi-passionate, introvert, lover of (almost all things) marketing.

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